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lust at sea

For my current work, I’m looking to life saving equipment.   As a designer, beginning a new project can be daunting.  One can feel “at sea”.  It was this creative block from which I drew my inspiration: a collection that throws a life ring into uncertain waters to reign in my ‘Eurekas’.


Looking at the properties of this equipment, I have focused in on details such as blow pipes, whistles and buoyancy. The wearer has the ability to inflate one’s own wearables to signal for help or attention and to save themselves from their own dangerous or awkward situations.




Photo credits : Damien Maddock

the ballinwilling hoard

most of the material here was found in one outing on the beach with the help of my bemused mother.  They are quick colour pallette tests which lead to one or two being made into wearables



lust in found

In my bachelors degree project, ‘Lust in Found’, I combined some of my passions by making wearable, fillable skips.  These manifest themselves as brooches and neckpieces.  


My gold and yellow skips encourage interaction by urging the wearer to mix and match the ‘rubbish’ to their mood on any given day.


The wearer is, thus, transformed into the curator of their own jewellery.



Photo credits: Damien Maddock


I'm always open to the possiblity of commissions.  It's tricky to get the balance between the design in my head and the vision of the client but, ultimately it's great fun.




found object collages



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